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Current Projects



Current Projects



RV-10 Seat LEver is now available.




The RV-10 Landing Light is now available and shipping




The Rudder Trim is now available and ready to order. The RV-10 Cowl LED Landing Light will be at OSH on Geoff's RV-10 and available to order shortly.




Rudder Trim, a Cowl landing light, and a new RV-10 Throttle Quadrant are in the works and will be available soon. The RV-7 and RV-9 Instrument Panels are immediately available for purchase.




RV-7 Instrument Panel is now shipping.




Rudder Trim, a Cowl landing light, and a new RV-10 Throttle Quadrant are in the works and will be available soon. The RV-10 Symmetrical Instrument Panel is immediately available for purchase.




RV-10 Door Handle Kit is now available for order.




The RV-10 Baggage Door Kit and Electrical LED Backlit Switches are now available for purchase.




The RV-10 Headliner is available for order, as well as Cowl Pin Covers for the RV-7 and RV-7A. There are still more accessories to be announced shortly. Stay tuned for more updates.




The RV-10 10" EFIS instrument panel is available for order. The RV-10 interior Handle Covers and FIberglass Headliner are in the final stages and should be available to order soon.




NACA Vent Controller Kits are now available.


To be shown at Airventure are a RV-10 Fiberglass Headliner and an Carbon Fiber Instrument Panel for large (10") EFIS from companies like AFS, DYNON, Garmin, and MGL.




Dual NACA Vent Valve is currently being tested and will be available soon. We are also working on a single valve unit. Look for a a new panel for the 10" Skyview. Renderings for the new panel will be online shortly. The other project being worked on are cowl pin covers for a RV-7.




The RV-10 Carbon Fiber G900 Insturment Panel is now available for purchase. Stay tuned for some more RV-10 accessories and perhaps some other RV accessories too.




The RV-10 Carbon Fiber Overhead Consoles are now available for purchase. Next in the queue is the RV-10 Carbon Fiber Instrument Panel for the G900.




The final mold for the Overhead Console has been made and we should have the first run of manufactured parts on hand within a week or two. The SLA test piece fit perfectly.


We are also working actively working on the molds for the G900 Instrument Panel.


The Interior Panel kits are now complete and ready for purchase.





We are currently working on getting the RV-10 Overhead Console, the RV-10 Interior Panels, the Glove Box, and the G900 Panels inserts ready for manufacturing. We anticipate that all of these products should be available in a couple weeks. Please check the order page for availability.


We are also working on getting Geoff's RV-10 airworthy. We will be adding photos of all our products in Geoff's RV-10 shorty.


Updated 1-30-2013