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What's New

11-12.2013 RV-10 Seat Lever

01-30-2013 RV-10 Landing Light is now available for ordering

07-20-2012 Rudder Trim is available to order and the RV-10 LED Cowl Landing Light demoed at OSH

05-23-2012 RV-7 and RV-7 Instrument Panels

12-20-2011 Flap Switch for all RV models

12-05-2011 RV-10 Seat Covers are now available for custom ordering.

07-07-2011 RV-10 Carbon Fiber Symmetrical Instrument Panel is available to order.

02-02-2011 RV-10 Door Handles are available to order

01-11-2011 RV-10 Baggage Door and Electrical Switches available to order.

11-09-2010 RV-10 Headliner is available to order

11-08-2010 RV-7 and RV-7A Cowl Pin Covers are available to order

08-14-2010 RV-10 10" EFIS Instrument Panel is available to order

07-13-2010 Dual NACA Vent Controller Kit pricing available - orders enabled

07-13-2010 Armrest and Cup Holder Pricing Updated

03-23-2010 Dual NACA Vent Valve is announced

02-05-2010 G900 Instrument Panel is available to order

11-23-2009 RV-10 Carbon FIber Overhead Console are now available for purchase

11-04-2008 Interior Panel kits are available to order

10-26-2009 N829GW flies!!!

10-15-2009 Overhead Console SLA prototype test fitted (perfect fit)

09-19-2009 Aerosport Products Web Site goes live!


Updated 11/12/2013